Cybersecurity Capture The Flag Event

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Hack/Reduce and SimSpace are teaming up to put on the first in a series of Attack/Defend competitions where Boston area companies and red-teamers can come together, eat some food, drink some mid-afternoon (or breakfast) beer, and demonstrate (or build on) their l33t skills.

Our first event will be held in Kendall Square on April 23rd, starting @ 11 AM (space opening at 10 AM). The event will provide a unique opportunity for like minded folks to get together, network, and see SimSpace’s Cyber Range in action. This particular event takes a new approach on the Jeopardy style and will consist of 5 hosts per team network. People of all skill sets are welcome, but if the words nmap, burp, metasploit, or kali don’t mean anything to you, you may want to bring a friend!

Please note that we will be capturing and creating an open dataset from this event. The dataset will be shared with participants from the event so that they can evaluate and improve their own research.


Each team gets their own network consisting of full operating systems and configured with subtle, yet real world vulnerabilities and/or misconfigurations. Teams are required to use real world scanners, exploitation tools, and post exploitation tactics to capture the flags.

This is a great time to learn and think about networks with a true ‘black hat’ on. All participants should be prepared for a game that tests their skills with real hacker tools and tactics.

Breakdown and Scoring

At the start of the event, each team will be given access to their clone of the “Red Team Challenge” network. Teams will be tasked with capturing 2 flags per host. Locations of flags will be located on the scoreboard within each teams dashboard. Flags are assigned point values, not all flags are created equal, and the team with the most points at the end wins. Register Your Team

We ask that teams contain no more than 4 players.

If you are signing up to participate, we encourage you to have a technical understanding of how networks operate. This will not be a training event.